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Who is using vape pens; and how does it work?

Portable electronic vaporizer pens or e-pens are a very practical way for medical cannabis and medicinal hemp patients to regularly take in the cbd oil and cannabinoids they need to increase their endocannabinoid levels.  Good people from every walk of life are satisfied using the popular style digital vape pens, especially those who appreciate the clean & discreet practicality of it.  We are talking about a small but smart battery powered stick pen device that heats-up something like an “incandescent element” while the cbd oil reservoir is positioned so closely that the fluid inside simply boils off in a controlled fashion.  The boiled off vapor is so precise users can at-will deliberately inhale the metered medicinal fumes deeply into the lungs.  That’s it, you simply breathe in the active atomized particles from these e-pen apparatuses not much different that the Asthma inhalers or breathing machines of past.

Why does vaporizing cbd work better or is it just faster?

People are realizing that Vaping tends to dose much faster due to the fact that it completely avoids the stomach acids first-pass- effect from oral dosing which is the route normally thought of for taking cannabis medicine.  The point is because the vaporized cbd vape oil blends passes right through the blood-brain barrier immediately positive results often occur because it eliminates the time-delay of oral dosing for instance.    Additionally, for many sudden-onset type ailments oral dosing is simply not practically administered quickly enough.  Whereas the instant dosing of vaping is sometimes essential; this method can literally be a life-saver at time of need. ( See Tome R. Testimonial)   To further the point, typically oral dosed oil products can also suffer from a lack of absorption besides the lengthy time lag before becoming effective.

As a side note: this is precisely the reason why I created my brands oral dose product into a liposome formula for the absolute highest absorption; CBD Essence Liposomal Capsules get through the CBD through the stomach acid better and more profound results are experienced at a much lesser milligram than any competitors cbd pills. This becomes especially true and important for those patients battling stomach related issues or where lack of absorption makes oral doses even less effective.  (CBD oil for instance doesn’t stay in your blood very long and requires being retaken on a regular schedule.  When taken orally the cannabidiol oil absorption rate is typically less than 20% unless a special formulation has been preformed.

Suppose I knew this already?

Great, we’re on the same page then.  You should also know that Vaporizing CBD also has a very cleverly cultured community aspect to it and a positive one.  Steadily people are replacing nicotine vape for CBD Vape and often take vape breaks sitting and bonding together like PowWows and rituals of the past.  There can be a certain charm and camaraderie that come with sharing a rolled cannabis cigarette with a new friend for instance;  that idea is not lost but renewed with those partaking in public Vape and Electronic Hookah Lounges for instance.  Heavy Puffed Smoke-Like Vape Tricks and friendly competitions are often part of the scenery enjoyed in these typically alcohol free establishments where a more enlightened and empathetic people share time and space for socializing purposes.  It’s important to note that  CBD Essence Vape products have the best ratio of food-grade recipe elements (VG vs. PG)  that make big fat puffs of Vape possible for those entertaining others with vape-ring, french-inhales and other fantastically interesting tricks.  You can use our vape for necessity or fun with its naturally smooth draw as-is or add your own mild to extreme Flavored PG to ratchet the hit up a notch.


Why is CBD Essence Vape Blends so special?

Our vaporizing vaporizer blends are very well thought out to be true medicinal apothecary style formula meant more for positive results than aesthetics or taste for instance.  That said, our CBD Vape Oil Cartridges are relatively translucent with a vague orange tint from the spectrum of cannabioids and terpenes and actually tastes earthy-good. We begin the formulation with an all natural full-spectrum botanical extract from U.S.A. domestically grown non-GMO industrial hemp tested clean and for high cbd potency.  It’s important the food-grade cbd paste material be free of volatile organic compounds and microbes such as mold and be relatively wax free and free of elements that will combust when introduced to the heating element.  This is essential to ensure the vape fluid is safe to inhale.  Our cbd vape oil is food grade and can be used orally and topically as safe off-label uses.

What Our Customers are Saying

Thank goodness for  this company and their products! They help me get through the day! Very helpful, top notch customer service! I love that the vape pen doubles as a stylus! I am definitely a customer for life!”


Ridgway, Colorado


CBD Essence Vape is a great product and has saved my life””

Tome Rogers

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